Social Security Benefits: Surviving Spouse – Deemed Filing

Hey Marc! – I have a client that we are working with who has questions about her widow benefit. The husband passed away, and the wife is age 58 and is eligible to receive a widow’s benefit at age 60. Her FRA is 67. I looked back on the NSSA training and found that deemed filing does NOT apply. Doesn’t this mean, that the client can claim her own SS benefit and wait to take her widow benefit until her FRA so that it isn’t reduced?

Answer – You are correct that DEEMED FILING does not apply to surviving spouses. A surviving spouse may begin their own retirement benefit at age 62 and switch to a full widow(er) benefit at FRA or begin the widow(er) benefit at age 60 and switch to their own benefit as late as age 70. You are a quick learner!

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