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Situational Social Security – Restricted Application

We emphasize SITUATIONAL SOCIAL SECURITY in the NSSA® Certificate program, as all of your clients are UNIQUE. Your clients may be single, married with wide age differences, married with narrow age differences, divorced, surviving spouses, eligible to file a Restricted Application, public employees, etc. Advisors, (YOU), must understand the issues and questions that related to every unique client. You are your clients’ trusted advisor and must understand Social Security. Advisors attending the National Social Security Advisor Certificate program change their mindset and become PROACTIVE. NSSA® Advisors do not wait for clients to bring up the topic Social Security. NSSA® Advisors are confident in their knowledge, and actually BEGIN THE DISCUSSION. Which type of advisor are you? Hesitant to discuss SS? Confident in your understanding of SS? Proactive?

In this installment of Situational Social Security, we will discuss a very powerful SS option, the Restricted Application. The majority of advisors are clueless about the Restricted Application, but this is a very powerful Social Security strategy.

RESTRICTED APPLICATION – This strategy allows your client to file for a spousal benefit while their own benefit earns Delayed Retirement Credits. What? WOW! Impossible! Say what? Yep, your client can file for a spousal benefit while earning DRCs on their own retirement benefits. Let’s say that my FRA is 66 and that I am eligible for $2,000 of SS benefits at my FRA. Additionally, I am also eligible for a spousal benefit of $1,000 at my FRA as my wife worked and is eligible for her own retirement benefits. At my Full Retirement Age, I can file a Restricted Application and receive a spousal benefit off of her work record. I will receive $1,000 benefits for 48 months, ($48,000), and then at age 70 will turn on my benefits. At age 70, my benefits will have increased 32% due to DRCs, resulting in a monthly benefit of $2,640. WOW! WHAT? Kind of like having your cake and eating it too. I receive $48,000 in spousal benefits and earn Delayed Retirement Credits of 32%. This strategy, (Restricted Application), is only available upon reaching Full Retirement Age. A very powerful strategy. Unfortunately, only clients born by January 1, 1954 are able to use this strategy. SO, if you are meeting with a client that was born by January 1, 1954, you must consider a Restricted Application in your client’s Social Security options. Just think what your clients can purchase with $48,000 – 9,000 cups of coffee at Starbucks!!!!! Or a brand new car!!!!!

But the next question you should be asking is does the other spouse have to be receiving a Social Security benefit for a Restricted Application to be beneficial? YES, YES, YES and YES. I cannot file a Restricted Application if my wife is not receiving a SS RETIREMENT or DISABILITY benefit. I will repeat, my wife must be receiving a SS RETIREMENT or DISABILITY benefit, otherwise I am not able to file for a spousal benefit off of her work record. So, my wife turns on her Social Security allowing me to file a Restricted Application and receive a spousal benefit.

A very common strategy for married couples is for a wife to take her own benefits as early as age 62. This may allow the husband to delay to FRA or as late as age 70. And if the husband was born by January 1, 1954, he can file a RESTRICTED APPLICAITON for spousal benefits while he waits to begin his own benefits. In this scenario, widow benefits are maximized as the husband waits to age 70. Thus, sometimes it makes sense for folks to begin benefits prior to reaching FRA.

About half our our clients can still file a Restricted Application as they were born by January 1, 1954. The benefits of a Restricted Application will disappear in 2024. The RESTRICTED APPLICATION must be in your Social Security toolbox. If you are meeting with clients and discussing their Social Security options please ask this easy question – what is your birthdate? If born my what date? Oh yea, January 1, 1954, you MUST include the RESTRICATED APPLICATION in the discussion.


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