Created the Social Security Advisor Certification Education Industry in 2013.


On today’s show, Marc and Jim introduce themselves, how they got into Social Security education, and their plans for the show.

As Marc was developing his accounting practice over time, he began to get questions about Social Security, so in 2008 he decided to offer Social Security consulting services. After reading a number of books, he realized that he couldn’t do it alone. He started looking for someone to help, when an attorney he knew mentioned he had an uncle who was about to retire from the Social Security Administration. His uncle ended up being Marc’s partner Jim Blair.

In January 2010, Jim and Marc set up Premier Social Security Consulting to help clients understand and maximize their benefits. In 2013 they evolved into an education company, when they created the National Social Security Advisor Certificate Program. The course is 8 hours long, has received accreditation by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence, and offers the gold standard of support.

Jim had worked with the Social Security Administration for 35 years. He started as a service representative, before becoming a claims representative for 10 years. Then he moved into the management side of things for a number of years, finishing his final 9 years as the district manager at the Piqua, Ohio office.

We coined the phrase “Situational Social Security”, which is what we will explore on this show. We will talk about situations for single folks, married individuals, divorcees, individuals with deceased spouses, retirees with young children, and many others….

In addition to reviewing situations, we will be interviewing advisors about how they are using their Social Security knowledge to help their clients and add value to their business. We will also have guests on to talk about related topics like Medicare, reverse mortgages, long term care, etc…

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