Created the Social Security Advisor Certification Education Industry in 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

National Social Security Advisor Certificate program.

National Social Security Advisor Certificate denotes advanced education, knowledge and training in the Social Security program.

The National Social Security Advisor Certificate program was created by Marc Kiner and Jim Blair in January,  2013.  Mr. Kiner is an inactive CPA and sold his practice in 2012.  Mr. Blair retired from the Social Security Administration after 35 years in December, 2009.

Advisors passing the assessment will earn the National Social Security Advisor certificate.  Usage of the credential NSSA® is  permitted after the advisor name.  Advisors can indicate that they have earned the National Social Security Advisor Certificate and they are a National Social Security Advisor Certificate Holder.  Usage of the NSSA® logo and digital badge is also permissible.  Of course, advisors may need approval by their compliance prior to using the logo, digital badge or adding National Security Advisor Certificate Holder to marketing materials, etc.

After attending the training advisors take an online assessment.  The assessment is proctored online by Procter U.  The proctor fee of $25-$35 is paid directly to Proctor U.  The advisor will be recorded while taking the assessment, thus the computer must be equipped with a camera.  The assessment is closed book.  Reduction factor tables along with a calculator are permissible.  Passing grade 70%.  Two retakes are allowed.  If taking the ondemand class, send an e-mail to Marc Kiner, after all videos are complete requesting assessment instructions.  Advisors taking the live classroom or live web based instruction will be e-mailed assessment instructions within 24 hours of conclusion of class.

Marc Kiner via or by phone 513-247-0526 / 513-218-8505.

Support includes questions via e-mail or phone along with monthly update webinars and Social Security Open Forms.  Purpose of the monthly webinars is to provide additional Social Security education.  Additionally, webinars include journalists, authors, Social Security software tools, marketing strategies and related topics. Purpose of the Social Security Open Forums is for advisors to ask questions.   

The National Social Security Advisor Certificate education is provided in three formats:

  1. Live classroom (CE is available for CFPs, CPAs and insurance agents nationwide)
  2. Live web based (CE is available for CPAs and CFPs)
  3. Taped ondemand (CE is not available)

Visit  Click on the “ondemand” or “classes and webinars” menu tabs.

NSSA® renewal is every two years.  Cost is $395 for two years or $1,000 lifetime.  Eight hours of CE is required to renew.

Yes, NSSA® Certificate program is recognized in the “Designation List” on  FINRA does not endorse or approve any professional designation.

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