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Premier Social Security Consulting Purchases Social Security Help Centers Lead Generation Tool

Premier Social Security Consulting of Cincinnati has added two Social Security tools to its technology toolkit.

Premier has purchased Social Security Help Centers™, an internet-based, lead generation tool for professional advisors, and has announced a strategic partnership with Social Security Pro, a Social Security benefits calculation tool.

“Professional advisors often need more than just Social Security education,” said Marc Kiner, partner at Premier Social Security Consulting. “They need tools to help them to accurately calculate Social Security benefits for their clients, as well as to grow their businesses.

“We’ve found that many of the professional advisors we work with are basing their practices on baby boomers. The Social Security topic has become an increasingly important one for all retirees and has become an excellent lead generation tool.”

A married couple can leave as much as $150,000 on the table in lifetime Social Security income by not accessing the program correctly based on their ages, health and life expectancy and not coordinating spousal benefits, said Kiner. Retirements today can last up to 30 years.

Premier educates professional advisors on the Social Security program through National Social Security Advisor (NSSA®), the nation’s only accredited Social Security education certificate program. Premier’s organizational goal is to help professional advisors nationwide learn the Social Security program so they can in turn help clients maximize Social Security income.

For a one-time subscription fee of $495, with a $99 annual fee after the first year, professional advisors can install the Social Security Help Centers’ landing page on their websites and customize it with their business information. A free e-book titled, Your Personal Financial Help Center by Bruce Sankin, president of Financial Help Centers of Pompano Beach, Fla., is embedded into the landing page.

Sankin is an entrepreneur who has developed a lead-generating and branding marketing system for insurance and financial professionals.

The e-book includes information on how to maximize Social Security benefits; choosing the right annuity for retirement; protecting your money with long-term care insurance; protecting yourself against identity theft; and what to look for in a life insurance policy.

“With the contact information provided to receive the e-book, each of the website visitors can then be contacted by the professional advisor in order to determine whether he or she can be converted into a client,” said Kiner.

The Social Security Help Centers’ landing page is available to any professional advisor who wants to grow his or her business, said Jim Blair, a 35-year veteran of the Social Security Administration and partner in Premier Social Security Consulting.

“You don’t need to be an NSSA certified advisor to subscribe to the Social Security Help Centers service,” said Blair. “The e-book is meant to begin a client discussion for both pre- and post-retirees on working effectively toward retirement and maximizing Social Security benefits.”

Premier has also partnered with Impact Technologies Group of Charlotte, North Carolina, to recommend its Social Security Pro software benefits calculator. The extensively-researched and patented Social Security Pro software program is a web-based tool that can run clients’ Social Security calculations for them, added Kiner.

Advisors click or touch on a ‘start age’ button on an interactive grid and use a slider to change assumptions. As assumptions are made, hundreds of calculations take into account thousands of Social Security rules to compare options, suggest the best filing strategy and show the lifetime benefits difference between options, according to the Social Security Pro website.

“What I like about the software is its user simplicity,” said Kiner. “Professional advisors can now interview a client, enter his or her age data into the Social Security Pro calculator program, and generate a graphically-attractive report to discuss with the client in order to help maximize their Social Security benefits. Clients will be able to see for themselves how their choices may affect their lifetime benefits.”

Social Security has increasingly become important for retirees so they don’t outlive their money. About 75 million Americans today are classified as baby boomers.

The National Social Security Advisor certificate is awarded to professional advisors who take the NSSA course and pass an assessment.

NSSA accreditation is provided by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE) in Washington, D.C. The National Social Security Association has certified more than 1,900 advisors since the program began in 2013.

For more information about the National Social Security Advisor certificate program, the Social Security Help Centers or the Social Security Pro software, call Kiner at (513) 247-0526.

Visit the NSSA website at or the Premier Social Security Consulting site at for information about Premier’s Social Security education program.

NAIFA Conference Highlights the National Social Security Advisor Certificate Program

78 million Baby Boomers are about to retire – or already did. Premier Social Security Consulting helps navigate the ins and outs of Social Security in this segment of NAIFA’s Planning Your Future program.

Founded in 1890 as The National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU), NAIFA is the oldest, largest and most prestigious association representing the interests of insurance professionals from every Congressional district in the United States. Our mission – to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhance business and professional skills, and promote the ethical conduct of its members – is the reason NAIFA has consistently and resoundingly stood up for agents and called upon members to grow their knowledge while following the highest ethical standards in the industry.

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About Premier Social Security Consulting
Whether you are reaching the Social Security Full Retirement Age and looking to maximize your Social Security benefits or are a Professional Advisor such as a CPA, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Tax Professional, Enrolled Agent or Insurance Agent looking to better answer the questions your clients might have about Social Security, Premier Social Security Consulting LLC can help. We provide customized consulting for individuals or couples reaching their Full Retirement Age and can assist in understanding and maximizing their lifetime Social Security benefits. We also provide Social Security education and training for all Professional Advisors looking to better answer the questions their clients are having about Social Security, thereby increasing value to their clients. Interested in learning more?

Baby Boomer Market

10,000 Baby Boomers Are Turning Age 65 Every Day!

The demand for professional Social Security advice is at an all-time high. More than 10,000 baby boomers are turning age 65 every day. This is a market that will experience exponential growth through 2025.

As your clients and prospects are reaching full Social Security retirement age, it is critically important that you learn all of the nuances of Social Security program. With NSSA® Training and Certificate, you can guide your clients towards making optimal filing choices that will maximize their Social Security benefits and answer related questions.

Case study analyses and “what if” scenarios will allow you to quantify the value of your services to your clients by optimizing their filings to maximize their projected lifetime Social Security benefits. Medicare will also be covered in training.

NSSA® Certificate will increase your credibility among prospects, clients, and other financial advisors.

Social Strategies

The Bi-Partisan Budget Bill signed on November 2, 2015 is phasing out two powerful strategies – Restricted Application and File (Claim) and Suspend. However Social Security Claiming Strategies still remain. Here are a few!

There is confusion regarding Delayed Retirement Credits. The changes in the budget bill do not impact DRCs. Thus, DRCs are earned if benefits are delayed until beyond Full Retirement Age. The strategy of waiting beyond Full Retirement Age to begin benefits still applies. And of course waiting to age 70 to earn Delayed Retirement Credits of 32% may result in maximum surviving spouse benefits payable. For example, Alan begins his benefits at age 70 and receives $3,500 per month after the increase for Delayed Retirement Credits. Assuming his benefit is greater than his wife Sarah’s benefits, then will receive a larger widow benefit for the rest of her life.

Filing a Restricted Application to claim a spousal benefit without touching your own benefit is still available for folks reaching age 62 by the end of 2015. For example, Alice can file a Restricted Application, at her Full Retirement Age if she is at least age 62 by the end of 2015. Of course, for Social Security purposes, Alice turns will be at least age 62 if her actual birthday is January 1, 2016.

The File and Suspend strategy is still available for folks turning age 66, Full Retirement Age, by May 1, 2016. Caution – consideration should be giving to filing a Restricted Application prior to Filing and Suspending. Assume Al reaches FRA in March, 2016 and that his Full Retirement Age benefit is $2,000. Al can File and Suspend to allow his wife, Amy to collect a spousal benefit while is suspends. This strategy works if Amy is not eligible for her own benefits. However, let’s assume that Amy is eligible for $2,000 off of her record. A better strategy might be for Al to file a Restricted Application to receive a spousal benefit of $1,000 at his Full Retirement Age. If Al decides that a Restricted Application would be better within a year of Filing and Suspending, then he can withdrew this application and file a Restricted Application. If beyond the 12 month window, than the Restricted Application will not be available.

Both spouses can wait to age 70 and earn the maximum Delayed Retirement Credits on their own benefits.

The higher income earner should consider taking benefits prior to age 70 to allow for the payment of spousal or children benefits earlier. For example, Hal turns age 66 in January, 2017 and his Full Retirement Age benefit is $2,000. He is considering waiting to age 70 increasing his benefit to $2,640 per month due to the Delayed Retirement Credits. His wife, Samantha, will turn age 62 in January, 2016 and is not eligible for any Social Security benefits on her own record. If Hal waits to age 70 to begin his benefits then Samantha will not be eligible for a spousal benefit until age 66. If Hal begins his benefits at age 66, then Samantha will be able to begin the spousal benefit at age 62. The question is should Hal begin benefits prior to age 70 in allow for the payment of a spousal benefit earlier?

Husband to wait to age 70. Wife begins her own Social Security at between ages 62 – 66. This strategy maximizes surviving spouse benefit and begins the receipt of some benefits at an earlier age by the wife. She will step into a larger widow benefit upon her husband’s death as he waited to age 70. Under prior law, we would recommend the wife not collect before her Full Retirement Age as the Restricted Application strategy might be beneficial. With the changes, it might make more sense for the wife to begin at age 62 as she will step into his shoes in the future as a surviving spouse.

Section 831 in the Bi-Partisan Budget Bill does phase a couple of very powerful strategies, File and Suspend and Restricted Application. However these strategies are still available for certain pockets of folks. For folks at least age 62 by the end of 2015 the Restricted Application is still available upon reaching Full Retirement Age. Additionally, folks reaching Full Retirement Age by May 1, 2016 can still File and Suspend by April 30, 2016. For other folks these powerful strategies are no longer available.

However, strategies still remain. There is still a need to review the coordination of benefits between a husband and wife to determine the best time to take worker benefits and spousal benefits. Should the higher income earner begin benefits prior to age 70 allowing spousal and or children benefits to be paid? Should a wife begin her own benefits at age 62 as she will receive a widow benefit in the future. Married couples still have options and might be leaving $100,000 on the table by not exploring their options.

Take the time to review your options. You will be happy in the end!

Budget Bill Changes

Been a busy month with changes to Social Security contained in the Bi-Partisan Budget Bill signed by President Obama on November 2, 2015. As you probably know by now, Provision 831 titled “Closure of Unintended Loopholes” phases out the Restricted Application and File and Suspend strategies. These strategies represent the second leg in our three legged stool to maximize Social Security benefits. Even though File and Suspend and Restricted Application are being phased out, these strategies are still available for some folks. Even after these strategies are phased out folks still have options. To maximize benefits, married couples will still need to coordinate benefits between husband and wife.

The link below is our summary report of the changes contained in the budget bill. The report summarizes the changes, effective dates and selected strategies that are still available.

Do not hesitate to contact Marc Kiner by phone at 513-218-8505 or by e-mail at with questions regarding the recent changes or how the changes might affect your personal situation or clients.

New Social Security Claiming Strategies – Webinar

By now, folks across the country have learned about the changes to the Social Security program due to the Bi-Partisan Budget Bill signed into law on November 2, 2015. Contained in this bill is Section 831 “Closure of Unintended Loopholes”.

Even though Section 831 is phasing out the Restricted Application and the File and Suspend strategies, Social Security claiming strategies still exist. Married couples may be leaving $100,000+ on the table by not exploring their options.

Please the webinar we recorded on November 25, 2015 regarding the Social Security changes. We also discuss effective dates and SS claiming strategies to consider in the future.


Expert Discussion with NSSA Andy Landis, Author of Social Security, the Inside Story

Many ears were listening in today’s webinar as Marc Kiner and Andy Landis discussed strategies for filing for Social Security in ways that would provide the greatest lifetime benefit for Social Security recipients. Like Marc, Andy has realized that there is an increasing need for financial advisors to have a deep and thorough understanding of Social Security rules. In a very easy to read conversational tone, Andy outlines key concepts in his book about how to wisely file for Social Security benefits. Hear more about what these two Social Security aficionados have to say about the current and future state of Social Security by listening to their recent discussion.

NSSA Exhibits Missouri Society of Accountants

Last week Marc traveled to Kansas City Missouri to exhibit at Bob Jennings’ Summer Seminar. The seminar focused on S corporations and partnership taxation. Marc met with a variety of local CPAs and Enrolled Agents who were attending the seminar. Like many other advisors, these attendees are on the front lines of advising clients on Social Security benefits. Although many advisors might suggest clients consult with their local Social Security office or financial advisors regarding how to plan for Social Security benefits, this is often not the best alternative for clients. While Marc met with the attendees, he was able to explain the value of spending a day to take a deep dive into understanding the nuances of the Social Security program. Having this additional knowledge about Social Security can help advisors nationwide guide their clients towards increasing their retirement income.

Although an Ohio native with affiliations for both the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds, Marc did catch a Kansas City Royals game while in Kansas City. “Great watching a first place team in action. I told advisors that I met in Kansas City to enjoy the experience. I know too well the difficulty of staying on top!”

Financially Stable Retirement Income

When you decide to “take a load off” by resting your body on a stool, do you want to rest on a rocky bench that might cause you to either slide off or to force you to exert extra energy to continually stabilize yourself? A stable three-legged stool provides support through careful construction of each leg of the stool. A well-constructed stool provides a solid foundation to rest upon. If one leg of the stool is shorter than another, sitting on the stool provides an unstable, rocky experience.

Likewise, for financial stability during retirement, it is important to consider three elements regarding Social Security filing. Three things that a married couple should consider prior to filing for Social Security benefits are:

  1. Waiting until one spouse turns age 70
  2. Coordinating spousal benefits
  3. Maximizing surviving spouse benefits

It is critical that married couples view Social Security as a joint lifetime benefit. Filing too early can result in a reduced benefit. As Social Security provides surviving spouse benefits, this will affect not just one person’s life, but the lives of two people.

Intrigued? Perplexed? Wondering exactly how much income can be gained or lost by following the best strategy? Answering these questions is not easy. Each couple’s financial situation is unique. Learning how to analyze a particular couple’s financial situation and making filing recommendations relative to the complex Social Security regulations takes training and forethought. Learn more about the issues to address prior to making client filing recommendations by visiting NSSA Certification.