Created the Social Security Advisor Certification Education Industry in 2013.


The NSSA mission is simple – educate advisors about Social Security, thereby increasing their value to clients. The NSSA® Certificate program begins where other higher priced programs end like RICP® and CFP®. We focus solely on Social Security education and incorporate client and advisor experiences in our education. We emphasize Situational Social Security as all of your clients are unique. Our support represents the gold standard and includes questions and webinars. Register via the links below. Contact Marc Kiner at 513.218.8505 (or -mail to inquire how to incorporate the NSSA® Certificate program into your practice resulting in more clients and revenues.

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The knowledge obtained through NSSA® Certificate Program, in conjunction with adherence to the NSSA® standards of excellence, continuing education, and access to ongoing support, enables those who earn the Certificate to perpetually stay at the top of their game for Social Security consulting.


NSSA® Certificate and Education

The NSSA Certificate is the industry standard that signals colleagues and clients that you are able to provide them with thoughtful, strategic and expert advice regarding maximization of Social Security filings.

Serve 78 Million Baby Boomers

Credibility and reputation are important. Distinguish yourself among your peers. Stand out from the crowd. Let your clients know that you have invested in their future by investing in your own training.

Classes, On Demand and Webinars

Attend a class in a nearby city, invite us to train at your facility, or learn from your office in a location and time that suits your schedule. We will share our knowledge with you when & where your need us.

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Join NSSA® in the cities listed and earn the National Social Security Advisor Certificate. Creators, Marc Kiner, Jim Blair and Harold emphasize Situational Social Security and asking Probing SS Questions uncovering additional client benefits. Become a valuable National Social Security Advisor with our unique and well-rounded professional advisor certification. Learn all the nuances of Social Security increasing your value to clients. Tuition includes gold standard of support – questions, monthly update webinars and SS Open Forums.


Is your company looking for Social Security Education for advisors?  Consider the National Social Security Advisor education for your company.   NSSA® education focuses on Situational Social Security and Social Security Probing Questions uncovering additional benefits for clients.

Please contact Marc Kiner at 513 218 8505 or  to discuss opportunities for group education and pricing.  We offer NSSA® education via live in person classes, live webinars or ondemand.

Chicago - June 27, 2024

Special discount of $200. Discount code is “earlybird2024”.

Kansas City - August 29, 2024

Special discount of $200. Discount code is “earlybird2024”.

Cincinnati - September 6, 2024

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